Alstom Celebrates Hanoi Metro Contract Milestone

The Existing Contract from 2017

In the original 2017 contract between Hanoi and Alstom, the two parties agreed that Alstom, together with its consortium partners, would provide an integrated metro system for the Hanoi Metro Line 3. This line has 12 stations and is 12.5km long. Around 23,900 people are expected to use the line per hour at peak times. Alstom’s role within the consortium for the integrated metro system included supplying and integrating the metro system, including the 10 Metropolis trains and Urbalis 400 signalling system. The Urbalis system allows trains to operate at higher frequencies and speeds safely. Additionally, Alstom is providing depot equipment and the power supply together with a partner.

Alstom’s Metropolis Trains for the Hanoi Metro Line 3

Alstom is supplying ten 4-car Metropolis trains to the Hanoi Metro Line 3. The car bodies are made of aluminium, which is very lightweight. The trains will run electrically.  The Metropolis design focuses on passenger flow thanks to its wide doors. The trains provide space and supports for reduced-mobility passengers. The decor of the carriage includes local Vietnamese motifs and colours. Motifs such as dragon fruits appear on both the inside and outside of the vehicles. These motifs were popular during a September 2018 consultation.