Intelligent Sensors for Rail Traffic from ASC

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Digital Twins

Digital twins are virtual images of real objects or processes. These virtualizations are associated with real state and behavioral information. The intelligent sensor provides data with real-world suggestions in simulation mode. This data is reproducible and thus the development process is simplified. During the simulation, a real-time comparison of the real system with the digital twin can take place. For example, various design alternatives can be tested cost-effectively or processes can be optimized. Intelligent sensors play a central role in this: they provide the data that serves as the basis for the simulations.

ASC German Sensor Engineering

ASC German Sensor Engineering, headquartered in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, is one of the leading manufacturers of train acceleration sensors and rotation rate sensors, as well as IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units). ASC sensors are used in things such as crash tests in vehicle development, for safety and wear monitoring of rail-bound vehicles, for stability monitoring of turbines or measurement of fluctuations in container vessels.

In addition to standard sensors, ASC specialises in the production of customised solutions that are precisely adjusted to the customers’ needs. They are produced in small batches. ASC convinces its customers around the world with highest quality and short delivery times. The company is set on a constant course of growth, continually expanding its customer base.