Changzhou Metro Line 1 Commences Passenger Service

Changzhou Metro Co. Ltd awarded the contract for the CITYFLO system to BNS in 2016. BNP acted as sub=contractor to NUG to provide the propulsion and control equipment. This aspect of the contract has also included the engineering, manufacturing, testing, commissioning and initial delivery of spare parts for traction converters.

Future Metro Lines in Changzhou

In total, six metro lines are planned for Changzhou. Construction of Line 2, which is to run east to west, began in 2017. It will be 19.8km in length and have 15 stations. There are also plans to extend Line 1 to 42km. Once complete – in 2030 – the city’s metro network will measure 208km.

Bombardier CITYFLO 650

The CITYFLO 650 communications-based train control system allows operators to manage complex urban rail systems in an efficient and reliable way. It comes with automatic train supervision and can optimise capacity on a network by cutting the distance between trains. CITYFLO 650 can also allow automatic train operation for speeds of up to 80km/h.

Other Chinese cities have metro systems that use the CITYFLO solution too. They include Shenzhen and Tianjin.

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