Telegärtner: Robust Solutions for Rail Projects

Telegärtner Rail Distribution Box

In rough conditions high-quality fibre-optical connections are needed despite the mechanical and climatic stress. For this purpose, Telegärtner has developed the train-approved distribution box, RDB. Because of its tested reliability against vibrations, shocks, heat, coldness and humidity, the RDB is perfectly suited for use in harsh environments. Besides its robust housing with IP66 protection and UV resistance according to UL 508, a hinged splice cassette is mounted on to the RDB, enabling easy assembly and maintenance. Different front plates are available, being able to store pigtails with all common connectors and fibres. The splice cassette enables up to 24 splices. Cables of different outer diameters can be fed in or out via three cable glands. If the box needs to be fixed to a signal mast, an additional adapter plate is available which can be mounted on to the distribution box. The RDB complies with climatic test EN 60068-2-1/2/14/130, vibration test EN 60068-2-64a and shock test EN 60068-2-27.

Provertha M12 and D-Sub Connector Solutions

Provertha is a German company with four factories in Hungary manufacturing M12 and D-Subminiature connectors and hoods, ideally suited for rail industry applications. The Provertha M12 connector series covers the full range of options, A-, D- and X-code versions, all tested to meet rail standards for vibration, shock, hazardous gas and IP67. They are torsion-proof due to their unique special crimp flange system and offer 360° shielding and certified plastics acc. to EN 45545-2 for railway applications. The M12 range also includes 90 ̊ versions and adapters. They now have the smallest M12 on the market enabling the use of cable assemblies for small-space installations. In addition to the M12 series, Provertha offers a comprehensive selection of space-saving diecast hoods with vibration-proof screw-locking and quick-lock hoods with an innovative push-pull mechanism.

pei tel Communication Devices for Railway Applications

pei tel, a company of the Peiker family, specialises in developing and producing high-quality microphones, handsets, speakers and microphone speakers, including hand microphones and loudspeakers for train platforms, and gooseneck microphones, small loudspeakers and handsets for use in vehicles. The IP68 waterproof handheld, single or three button, rugged chromed housing microphone is ideal for use in trains as is a handset with a PTT button, display and keypad, dynamic ear capsule and durable spiral cable, suitable for analogue and digital radio systems. The housing and PCB material of pei tel handsets have been tested according to EN 45545-2.

Hummel VariaPro Rail Glands

Hummel VariaPro Rail gland series meets all requirements for use in rail transport and has successfully passed the tests of fire protection standards EN 45545-2 and EN 45545-3. VariaPro Rail glands can be used in all trains on the European rail network. The slim structure enables a space saving installation. They are easy to install and have EMC connection integrated as standard. Hummel VariaPro Rail glands are available in M20, M25, M32 and M40 sizes and can accommodate cables with 7 to 32mm in diameter. They can be used in -400° to +1000°C and are IP68-rated.