What’s in Store at Railway Interchange 2019

RSI Educational & Technical Training Conference

The RSI Educational & Technical Training Conference aims to educate participants on new technologies and trends in the rail industry. There will be more than 50 educational sessions on subjects such as railcar maintenance, rail operations, air brake technologies, and leadership in the rail industry. A number of different associations and bodies will deliver the content for these informative sessions. They are the Railway Supply Institute, the Air Brake Association, the International Association of Railway Operating Officers, the League of Railway Women, the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association and the Railcar Technical Services Association.

The Learning Lab

The RSI Rail Learning Lab is located in booth 3058. Each session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. Teaching topics focus on emerging issues, regulations, products, research and more from a non-technical perspective. The sessions on 22 Sep will cover: wheel set maintenance, freight car repair, and railcar innovations in a PSR (precision scheduled railroading) world.

On 23 Sep they will be: safety cultural experience, insight and evolution, digital transformation in the railway industry, transforming railroad policy and investment, AAR’s Train Control and Communications Operations committee (TCCO) update on industry research, and supplier diversity.

Lastly, on 24 Sep, the sessions will cover: investor perspectives on the rail industry, digital human modelling for the optimisation of user-centred railway product design, innovation and technological change in railroading, and optimising rail equipment to meet shippers’ needs.
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