Uber adds public transport ticketing option

USA: Rail and bus tickets for travel in Denver can now been bought using the Uber taxi app.

The staggered roll-out of the ticketing option which began on May 2 follows the launch in January of Uber Transit journey planning, which provides Uber users with real-time public transport information for the mile-high city.

‘We are excited to expand our collaboration with Regional Transportation District and Masabi to make Denver the first city in the world where riders can purchase transit tickets and ride public transit seamlessly through the Uber app’, said David Reich, Head of Transit at Uber. ‘With this step, we are moving closer to making Uber’s platform a one-stop shop for transportation access, from shared rides to buses and bikes.’

Tickets are sold using Masabi’s Justride technology. When Uber app users enter a destination, they are offered ‘Transit’ as an option in the ‘choose a ride’ selector. They can then purchase, activate and use tickets including 3 h, one day and monthly passes, which are stored in the ‘Transit tickets’ section of the Uber app and available when offline. Tickets cost the same amount as through other purchase options. The app also provides real-time information and walking directions to and from stops.

‘This exciting next phase of RTD’s collaboration with Uber is yet another way our transit agency is leading the dialogue about mobility strategy, not just for the Denver metro region but for cities across the globe’, said RTD CEO & General Manager Dave Genova. ‘This project broadens our reach and stays at pace with the public’s needs, allowing people to plan and pay for trips from start to finish.’

Masabi CEO Brian Zanghi said ‘we know convenience is the number one reason people choose a transit option, and we truly believe that a multimodal public and shared private approach will be a key part of encouraging more people to take fewer private car journeys, reducing congestion for all.’

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