Mallorca electrification programme completed

Mallorca SFM railway electrification Manacor

The European Regional Development fund covered 50% of the cost of the €32m project and work began in 2017.

The completion of electrification on the Manacor line follows the launch of electric services on the 14km Enllaç – Sa Pobla branch in October 2018.

Electrification of both lines was carried out by a consortium of Siemens, MAN and Sampol. The project included the construction of six 1.5kV dc traction substations, four on the Manacor line and two on the Sa Pobla line.

According to the Balearic Islands government, the completion of electrification will reduce Manacor – Palma journey times by up to eight minutes, in part by eliminating the need for passengers to change between diesel and electric trains at Enllaç.

The switch to electric operation is also expected to cut CO2 emissions by 60% and reduce operating costs by €1.06m a year.

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Mallorca electrification programme completed